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  Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics

Mission: "Better Technology Through Better Research"







State Gallery of Art,

Kavuri Hills, Road No. 1, Madhapur

Hydereabad – 500 033, Telanagana State, India

Conference Dates: March 9 - 12, 2017




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Pentagram Research Centre Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad, India


Mission: "Better Technology Through Better Research"



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SARPV Chaturvedi

Managing Trustee

Sri Ramanuja Mission Trust

Chennai, India

Special Invitee

Dr. S A R Prasanna Venkatachariar Chaturvedi is the Managing Trustee of Sri Ramanuja Mission Trust, Chennai, India. Religious Status Head – Sri Sudarshana Peetam – follower of Sri Ramanuja School of Vaishnavite Thought (Qualified Monism) having lakhs of followers and admirers throughout the country and abroad. Religious Education Scriptures, Hermeneutics, Epics & Puranas, Sacred Laws, Indian Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy, Global Philosophical Foundation, Psychology of Religion & Philosophy. Training Construction Studies, Consecration Mechanics, Empowerment Exercises and Inculcation Methodologies. Organizational Background • Founder – Managing Trustee of Sri Ramanuja Mission Trust, a social service organization patronizing and guiding thousands of NGOs and also a prestigious member of World Association for NGOs • Founder – Managing Trustee of Sri Bhashyakara Charitable Trust, a religious service organization sponsoring temple maintenance, renovations & festivals, book publications and other similar contributions • Founder – Director, Forum Of Scientists Aiming at Peace And Harmony (FOSAPAH) • President, Association for Inter-Religious Understanding, an institutional member of United Religions Initiative (URI), San Francisco Profession Advisor and Consultant to many agencies and companies for Quality Control & Enrichment, Product Search, Survey & Study, Advertisement & Marketing, Trend Analysis, Waste Management, Eco Governance, Training in Team Motivation, Business Intelligence, Cost Management & Functional Efficiency, Ambience Engineering, Ergonomics and Occupational Therapy. Honorary Professions  Distinguished Professor – School of Religion, Peace & International Relations, Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Advanced Studies  Vice President – Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Advanced Research  Distinguished Professor – Dept of Pharmacogenomics, Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Advanced Medical Research.  Professor of Eminence – India International Multiversity  Honorary Chairman (Advisory Board) – PROBE, a resource center for Journalists  Honorary Advisor – Pentagram Research Institute  Chief Patron – India’s Century Mission  Member (Advisory Board) – Bharatiya Pragna Achievements  Completed rendering of full text of Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagavad Gita and Bhagavatam with elucidated interpretations at the age of 19.  Completed ‘svahakara’ (ritualisation) of all Vedic texts at the age of 21.  Has contributed more than 6000 monograms on various topics in different languages since the age of 11.  Organizes, supports and participates (addresses) in more than 200 conferences in a year in all parts of the country. Awards  Awards of Excellence and Lifetime Achievement Awards on several occasions by various institutions  International Award of Excellence for Human Rights Services given by AIHRA (All India Human Rights Association)  Was awarded the title ‘Samskritatma’ by Omkar Malpani Foundation, Pune Few New Dimensional Researches • Accelerated Learning Systems • Ethical Vaccination • Theo-dynamics • Peace Technology • Behavioural Modeling • Applied Mystics. Few Ongoing Projects • The Exhaustive Vedic Encyclopedia • SPARK (Special Program for Acquiring Relevant Knowledge) – A center for advanced coaching for Public Service and other competitive exams.  • MOULD (Movement Of Unique Leadership and Development) • LAVI – Legal Aid for Victims of Injustice. Some International Seminars Organized / Participated • International Seminar on Culture, Religion, Philosophy and Literature – Somaiya Foundation, Mumbai • International Seminar on Organizational Ethics and Spirituality – Delhi University and Pondicherry University • International Seminar on Cybernetics, Systemics and Informatics – Pentagram Research Institute • International Seminar on Environmental Remediation – Patna University and Michigan State University • International Seminar on Disaster Management – DMICS Hyderabad • International Seminar on Energy: Crisis and Prospects – IIT, Delhi Books Authored • Interfaith Congress • Yoga, Vedanta and Modern Society • Science and Spirituality – a dialogue between a scientist and a seer (with Dr. Vijay Bhatkar) – under process • Religions: Faith, Fraternity and Friction – under process • Everything about Energy – under process • The Dawn – a critical study on the hopes and scopes of Academic Renaissance.

Michael Patrick Coyle

CEO Avatar MedVision

Presidential Speaker

Dr. Michael P. Coyle , MD, FACP, FAAP
Chief Executive Officer, Avatar MedVision US, LLC, NC, USA

Director, Avatar MedVision India Private Limited, Hyderabad, India

Vice President, Pentagram Research Centre Private Limited, Hyderabad, India

Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine (Retd.)

Clinical Professor of Pediatrics (Retd.)

Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University

Greenville, North Carolina


Michael Patrick Coyle received his Bachelors of Science degree from Cleveland State University in Cleveland, Ohio.  Subsequently, he received his M.D. degree from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. He proceeded with his specialty training in the combined specialty program of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics leading to his board eligibility and certification in both specialties.   After this, he became a Fellow with the American Board of Pediatrics as well as a Fellow with the American College of Physicians. With regard to his practice of medicine, he has functioned in a variety of capacities. He has served in rural communities through the auspices of the National Health Service Corps, primarily in solo, as well as multi-specialty practices. He then joined the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina.  During his second year at this institution, he was asked to establish a multi-specialty, freestanding outpatient clinic and remained Medical Director of this clinic for 10 years. After this, he served as Chief Medical Officer for a federally qualified health center. Dr. Coyle presently practices clinical medicine as well as academic medicine in the areas of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics.  He allows shadowing for college students and actively teaches medical students and residents at all levels. His primary interests include preventive medicine, cardiovascular health and sports medicine.  Other interests include, but are not limited to, theoretical astrophysics (novice level)


Anthony George Constantinides

Imperial College, London

Special Invited Speaker

Dr. Anthony George Constantinides is the Professor of Communications and Signal Processing at Imperial College (London) and former Head of Communications and Signal Processing Division of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the same place. He has been actively involved with research in various aspects of digital signal processing, digital image processing, digital filter design, and communications for more than 45 years. His recent work has been directed toward the demanding problems arising in Financial signal processing and he now leads the Financial Signal Processing Lab in the EEE department of Imperial College London. Professor Constantinides has published several books and over 400 learned articles in the areas of Digital Signal Processing, Image Processing, and Communications, and their many applications. He has served as the First President of the European Association for Signal Processing (EURASIP) and has contributed in this capacity to the establishment of the European Journal for Signal Processing. He has been on, and is currently serving as, a member of many technical program committees of the IEEE, the IEE and other international conferences. He has organised the first international series of meetings on Digital Signal Processing, in London initially in 1967, and in Florence (with Professor Vito Cappellini, University of Florence) since 1972. In 1985 he was decorated by the French government with the Honour of Chevalier, Palmes Academiques and in 1996 with the elevation to Officier, Palmes Academiques. He was awarded the Medal of the Association, Palmes Academiques in 1986, and the Medal of the University of Tienjin, Shanghai, China (1981). He holds honorary doctorates from European and Far Eastern Universities. Amongst these he values highly the honorary doctorate from the National Technical University of Athens. In addition he holds Visiting Professorships, Distinguished Lectureships, Fellowships and other honours around the world. Professor Constantinides’ life work has been recorded in a series of audio and video interviews for the IEEE (USA) Archives as a Pioneer of Signal Processing. He has served as a Member of the Board of Governors of the IEEE Signal Processing Society, a member of several Technical Committees of the IEEE and the IEE, and is on the Editorial Boards of many professional journals. He has been on the Editorial Board of the Proceedings of the Royal Society, Professor Constantinides has acted as advisor to many organisations and governments on modern technology and development. He has served on Professorial Selection Committees around the world (15 during the last five years), member of IEE/IEEE Awards Committees, EU University appraising panels, chair (or co-chair) of international conferences. He is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (USA) and of the Institution of Electrical Engineers (UK). Outside his scientific work Professor Constantinides is actively involved in archaeological studies. He has published on symbols that appear in prehistoric pithoi at the Akrotiri excavations, Santorini. His present archaeological research directions are concerned with the interpretation of diacritical symbols related to animal lists in Linear B and the analysis of the Lahun papyri of the Petrie Museum of Egyptology, London. He holds an Honorary Chair of Archaeology, at the Institute of Archaeology, University College, London.

Pat Krishnan

CIO, Helios & Math. Analytics

Keynote Speaker

Parthasarathi Krishnan (Pat Krishnan) is a B.S Applied Science & Electronics from Madras University, M.S in Engineering from San Jose State University, Graduate Diploma in Computer Engg. Anna University, Madras and MBA (Systems & Finance) from Bharathiar University. Business-focused technology leader with over 20+ years of software engineering experience with leadership expertise in scalable and low latency platforms. Ability to convert business architecture to feasible technology road map. Proven track record of creating value through startup ideas and businesses. Excellent communication skills to articulate ideas and execution path to success. Ability to make effective decisions and provide C-level executives with analysis and insights to guide decision-making. Mentoring teams and ability to manage high performing teams that help build human capital assets to an organization. Handled a portfolio of over $15 million projects.  Intimate familiarity includes the following: (i) Technology Leadership: Low latency platforms, Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, NLP, Scalable Architecture. Mobile, (ii) Product Management: Product Architecture, Product Development, Market Analysis, Solution Delivery, (iii) Organization Development: Team Mentoring, Team building. His professional experience includes the following: (i) CTO of Helios Matheson Information Tech. (Aug 2004Current), (ii) CTO of Maruthi Consulting Inc (Jan 2000 - July 2004), (iii) Principal Consultant of Lifescan (J&J) (April 1998 – Dec 1999), (iv)Senior Software Engineer of Oracle Corp. (May 1995 – March 1997), (v)Software Engineer of Qualcomm (Oct 1993 – April 1995), (vi) consultant of STS (Deputed to IRS) (Feb 1992 – Sept 1993), (vii) Software Engineer of Microsense Computers (June 1988 – Dec 1991). His selected achievements are (i) Authenticity Platform: Built a continuous authentication platform using biometric image processing (Patent pending) for Information Security, (ii) IRS Archiving Retrieval System: Built the first Optical Juke box interface to Pyramid (UNIX) box to archive and retrieve tax payer data on a real time basis, (iii) Desktop Publishing System: Built the first Indian Language Desktop Publishing System. The system supported Hindi, Tamil and Telugu languages,(iv) Audix Voice Processing System (AVPS): Built the AVPS for AT&T Switch to facilitate recording/retrieval/Play back of voice calls, (v) Oracle Release 7.3/8.0: Was a key contributor for Oracle 7.3.x/8.0 releases, (vi) Enterprise Insurance Suite: Built a scalable enterprise insurance suite for a healthcare payor. Over 14+ million claims are being processed and (viI) Manufacturing System: Built a production and operations management system to facilitate smooth production of assembly lines for a medical devices company

Ted Farnsworth

Founder RedZone Map

Keynote Speaker

Theodore Farnsworth is an expert in strategic development, marketing and consumer relations, Mr. Farnsworth has utilized these assets and skills building companies throughout his 30-year career. He has owned and operated numerous companies with proprietary products with recognized brand names that he actively helped to develop. Currently, he is Chairman and Founder of the Highlander Companies, Millennial Hotel Group and iCrowd Hotels. Challenging his entrepreneurial spirit, Ted first developed the idea for the RedZone Map application while on a visit to Israel. His driver warned that there were border issues and unmarked areas in which they could not safely travel, although an unknowing traveler could easily fall prey to unintended risk. Having developed a knowledge of safe environments through his real estate holdings, it was a natural fit, as, unfortunately, in today’s world, peril is not limited to one particular geography. The fact that it is all around us led to the creation and implementation of a program to help mitigate the threat of danger. Ted is a private investor in numerous ventures and an equity partner in a company owning a portfolio of office buildings in markets across the U.S., majority leased to the Federal government’s Government Services Administration. His entrepreneurial expertise has been sought for many speaking engagements and feature articles in numerous publications, including Forbes, Fortune, Investor’s Business Daily, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Over thirteen years ago, Ted founded the charitable Far West Haiti Mission, providing education, housing and work incentives, and additionally founded a school for the blind at the Mission.


Mr Farnsworth is the Chief Executive Officer of Helios & Matheson Analytics Inc., New York, USA and he leads the company in a very professional way. He along with Mr Pat Krishnan, the Chief Innovation Officer of the company is determined to take the company to leaps and bounds especially in the development of the product Redone Map and its future updates.

Tapio Saramäki

Institute of Signal Processing

Tampere University of Technology

Keynote Speaker 

Dr. Tapio Saramäki was born in Orivesi, Finland, on June 12, 1953. He has received the Diploma Engineer (with honors) and Doctor of Technology (with honors) degrees in electrical engineering from the Tampere University of Technology (TUT), Tampere, Finland, in 1978 and 1981, respectively. Since 1977, he has held various research and teaching positions at TUT, where he was recently a Professor of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and a Docent (Adjunct Professor) of Communications until the beginning of August 2016, when he became an Emeritus Professor due to the shortage of support in Finland in continuing his basic research in DSP. For covering those expenses required to still continue the well-established research work with many colleagues outside Finland, Dr. Saramäki founded the company entitled “Tapio DSP Consultation”. The universities he has had fruitful collaborations include the University of California, Santa Barbara and the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena USA; the National Institute of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and the University of Oslo, Norway; Linköping University, Sweden; the Federal Institute of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; the University of Victoria, Canada, the National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics, Mexico; and the International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad, India. Dr. Saramäki is also a Co-Founder and a System-Level Designer of VLSI Solution Oy, established in 1991 in Tampere, Finland, and specializing in efficient VLSI implementations of both analog and digital signal processing algorithms for various applications. His research interests are in digital signal processing, especially in filter and filter bank design, efficient VLSI implementations of DSP algorithms, and communications application as well as approximation and optimization theories. He has three world-wide used patents and has contributed to more than 300 international journals and conference articles as well as more than ten international book chapters. Dr. Saramäki received the 1987 Guillemin-Cauer Award (together with M. Renfors) and the 2006 Guillemin-Cauer Award (together with M. B. Furtado, P. S. R. Diniz, and S. L. Netto) for the best paper of the IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS published in 1987 and 2005, respectively, as well as two other best paper awards. In 2002, he was awarded the Fellow of IEEE for “contributions for the design and implementation of digital filters and filter banks”, and, in 2004, the Fellow (Honorary Member) of the Russian A. S. Popov Society for Radio-Engineering, Electronics, and Communications (the highest membership grade in the society and the 80th Fellow since 1945) for “great contributions to the development of DSP theory and methods and great contributions to the consolidation of relationships between Russian and Finnish organizations”. He is also a founding member of the Median-Free Group International. He was an Associate Editor of both the IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS-II: ANALOG AND DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING (from 2000 to 2001) and Circuits, System, and Signal Processing (from 2003 to 2008). He has been actively taking part in many duties on the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society’s DSP Committee, namely, by being a Chairman (2002 to 2004), a Distinguished Lecturer (2002 to 2003), and a Track or a Co-Track Chair for many International Symposiums on Circuits and Systems (2003 to 2005, 2011, and 2013 to 2017). Furthermore, he has been on the technical committee of several international conferences including, among others, DSPA, EUSIPCO, ECCTD, IASTED, ICECS, ISPA, and NORSIG.

Ganapati Panda

Former Dy Director

Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar

Keynote Speaker

Prof. Dr. Ganapati Panda was a Deputy Director of Indian Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar and now after retirement he is now Professor Emeritus in the Electrical Department of I IT Bhubaneswar, is renewed academician and outstanding researcher in the area of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. During last 40- years of academic careers at University College of Engineering Burla(17 years), National Institute of Technology Rourkela(2 years), Prof.Panda has help prestigious positions such as Professor for 23 years, Deans of academic affairs as well as of administration, Head of the department, member of Senate and Board of Governors, and also Coordinator-world bank project of these Institutes. He is actively involved in the growth of technical education in the state of Odisha both in terms of teaching and research since 1972.He has also made substantial academic contribution to all the Universities and leading institutions of Odisha. Due to his significant contributions to the areas of signal processing and telecommunication Prof.Panda has been nominated as Fellow of National Academy of Engineering (FNAE) and Fellow of National Academy of Science (FNASc) in the years 2002 and 2003 respectively. He has received the prestigious Samanta Chandra Sekhar award in the year 1993 from the Orissa Bigyan (Science) Academy for outstanding contribution to the field of science and technology. He has received a number of gold medals and best paper awards from Institute of Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) and Institute of Engineers (IEI) India. Prof.Panda is a well know expert in related fields of Electrical, Electronics and Computer engineering and has significant research contributions in these areas. His specific research focus are in the areas of signal processing, soft and evolutionary computing, telecommunication, power systems, instrumentation and control and computational finance. Presently Prof.Panda is engaged in interdisciplinary research in Alternative Energy and Environmental Engineering. His novel and seminal contributions are in the areas of intelligent instrumentation, digital channel equalizer, system identification, digital filtering, power system control and protection, and data mining. he has developed innovative methods in all these areas and has successfully applied them to many practical problems. He has also made original contribution to the areas of high speed transforms, adaptive filtering, low complexity direct and inverse models and filtering and compression of digital images. All his research finding have been published in peer reviewed journals, conference proceedings and as book chapters. Till to date he has 350 research publications, out of which about 100 papers are in reputed peer reviewed journals and the others have been presented in conferences and have appeared in conference proceedings. His research papers are extensively cited and presently it is more than 1300. During last twenty five years, he has guided twenty one scholars for the Ph.D and six more are currently working under his direct supervised. He has successfully completed large number of research projects both funded by Indian and foreign agencies (USA, UK). He is a life Fellow and senior member of many professional societies of India, USA and UK such as IEEE, IE, IEI, IETE, CSI, ISTE and ISI. He is a regular reviewer of many international journals. In essence, Prof. Panda has made high quality research work in the emerging areas of Electronics Engineering, produced number of quality research technical manpower at M. Tech and Ph.D levels and contributed significantly to the growth of technical education in the state during last 40 years.

Jana Krishnamoorthy

Jimma Institute of Technology

Jimma University, Ethiopia

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Janarthanan is currently an assistant professor in Jimma institute of technology, Jimma university, Jimma, Ethiopia. Previously, he had been heading the analytical facility at Sri Ramachandra Medical University, Chennai (2013 -2016). He obtained expertise in solution, solid state NMR and MRI during his postdoctoral studies (University of Michigan, USA) and during his PhD at National University of Singapore. Over the years, he has acquired extensive theoretical and experimental knowledge in the area of bio-medical engineering, bio-physics, spectroscopy, bio-informatics, proteomics, metabolomics, advanced bio-statistics, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sciences. He has published over 20 international peer reviewed papers in the research area spanning proteins, protein-ligand interaction using analytical techniques such as Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR; solution, solid and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)), Isothermal Calorimetry (ITC), Fluorescence spectroscopy, Circular Dichroism/ Optical Rotation Dispersion (CD, ORD), Fluorescence Polarization (FP), Gas Chromatography coupled Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS), High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), High Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography (HPTLC), Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography (FPLC), Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), Sanger sequencer. He is also an expert in molecular biology techniques such as site-directed mutagenesis, protein expression using bacterial system, gel-electrophoresis, large scale protein purification, down stream processing, structure elucidation of small and large molecules, dynamics of protein-ligand, protein-protein interactions, in-silico drug design, virtual screening, molecular dynamic simulation, pharmacophore modeling, developing functional assays for proteins, enzyme kinetics, fermentation kinetics, biochemical assays, solid phase peptide synthesis. He also developed scientific softwares (with graphical interface) in C, C++, matlab programming languages for automating the data analysis of NMR and ITC. He has developed computational genomic pipelines to analyze ‘big data’ (human genome sequence), microarray data using open source softwares. He has developed mathematical models in log D, solubility and pharmaco-kinetics for new drug entities screened during pre-formulation stages. He has conducted in-depth research/analysis in Cancer and Alzheimer diseases at atomic resolution to unravel its underlying molecular mechanism.

R. Ravikumar

Thambiran Heart and

Vascular Institute, Chennai

Keynote Speaker

Dr. R. Ravikumar MBBS; DMRD; DMRE; DNB; PhD; FIAMS
Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging fellowship (University of Toronto, Canada)
Diplomate in Cardiac CT, CBCCT, USA
Heart Attack Prevention Specialist (SHAPE Society, Texas, USA)
Preventive Health Care Physician
Minimally Invasive Endovascular Specialist (Interventional Radiologist)
Director, Thambiran Heart and Vascular Institute
Director, GTS Centre for Wellness

Dr Ravikumar received his Medical Degree from University of Madras 1990. He did his postgraduate training in Grant Medical College and King Edward Memorial Hospital Mumbai.  His quest for treating various pathologies without surgery, got him into the Interventional Radiology field that focuses on minimally invasive endovascular procedures.  He initiated two exclusive programs under the minimally invasive endovascular procedures that has benefitted many: Save your uterus for Life”: helps women avoid hysterectomies due to fibroid uterus; “Save your legs for life”: helps diabetic patients from losing their leg due to poor blood supply. The increase in Non-communicable diseases drew his attention and he went ahead to do his PhD on Early detection of atherosclerosis using noninvasive imaging modalities.  To horn his skills further, he took up cardiovascular Imaging fellowship at Toronto and returned back to India in 2008.  He utilized the knowledge and skill gained during this tenure to start Thambiran Heart and Vascular Institute in 2010.  This clinic works on the principle “Prevention is better than cure”, by focusing on vascular health assessment of a person which helps detect if a person is at risk of suffering from heart attacks and strokes in near future. He pioneered the concept of “Vascular Age” testing in India using carotid IMT measurement. In this process he formulated his own risk scores which has saved many lives.  Recently, he designed comprehensive wellness program under GTS, Centre for wellness that offers Cardiac wellness, Diabetic wellness, Obesity wellness, Pain management and others. He is working closely with Healthcare Technology Innovation Centre (HTIC), IIT Madras for developing new technologies in preventive health care. He is currently focusing on Virtual Reality in wellness and he strongly believes in linking technology and health care for betterment of human lives.

Ashok S. Alur

Special Officer

Project Planning and Monitoring Cell (PPMC), University of Horticultural Sciences 

Udyanagiri, Navanagar 

Bagalkot-587 103, Karnataka

Keynote Speaker 

Dr. Ashok Alur is currently serving as Special Officer at the University of Horticultural Sciences, Bagalkot, Karnataka; India. He is Ph.D in Agriculture. He has undergone specialized courses such as International Postgraduate Program in Leadership from The Pacific Institute, Seattle,USA; International Write-shop on Process documentation of research for development programs supported by CFC and FAO from Royal Tropical Institute ,Netherlands; Management Development Program on IPR and technology licensing in Agriculture from NAARM, EDP on International Trade towards enhancement of competitiveness of Indian Agriculture from IIFT; EDP on Policy & prioritization, monitoring & evaluation of support to consortia based research in agriculture and MDP on extension from MANAGE Hyderabad. He has served International Crops Research Institute for the Semi Arid Tropics (ICRISAT);Swiss Agency for Development & Cooperation(SDC)-Intercooperation and Agriculture Man Ecology (Bilateral Program of Govt. of Netherlands & Govt. of India)/ ETC India. He is recipient of several international awards important ones include, Certificate of Appreciation and Loyalty Award from International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT)in recognition of his contributions to the mission to reduce poverty, hunger, malnutrition and environmental degradation in dry land tropics in Semi Arid Tropics; Honorary Recognition from Field Crops Research Institute(FCRI), Kingdom Of Thailand; Honorary Credential from Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences(LAAS), China; SRI Award from Chinese National Centre for sorghum research, China. The national awards include Scientific Achievement Award from DeenDayal Research institute, Distinguished Indian Award from Pentagram Research Centre and Basavaratna Award etc. Few of the important state awards conferred on him include, Sarvottam Seva Award, Science Communicators Award, CESEM Institutional award and Independence Day Honour from Government of Karnataka, State Honor from Government of Andhra Pradesh, along with many institutional awards. He serves as Honorary Advisor to the Government of Republic of Mozambique and Kingdom of Swaziland. He also serves as member on several committees such as Regional committee of UNDP- GEF- SGP, Karnataka State Higher Education Council, Department of Horticulture, Watershed Development Department, Editorial committees and others. Dr. Ashok Alur has visited more than 30 countries on several international missions and assignments and participated in several international conferences and review committees. As an academician he has contributed for the development of research laboratories and advanced research centers under UHS Bagalkot and guided research students at their PG studies and has facilitated the institutional collaboration with several national and international institutions. He has passion for working with farmers institutions and has been guiding the formation of farmers institutions in different states of India, China and Thailand. He has authored several books, bulletins, book chapters, popular articles and writes regular columns in leading papers and magazines.

Chinnappan Baskar

Uttarakhand Technical University, Dehradun

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Chinnappan Baskar is an Associate Professor of THDC Institute of Hydropower Engineering and Technology Tehri (THDC-IHET), Constituent Institute of Uttarakhand Technical University, Dehradun, India. He was a former Director (Officiating); Dean; Controller of Examination; Academic Incharge, THDC-IHET and Chief Coordinator of THDC-IHET Research and Development Center. He is also Research Advisor of Center for Excellency in Pharma, Uttarakhand Technical University, Dehradun. He has received his M. Sc. Chemistry from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras and PhD in Organic and Materials Chemistry from the Department of Chemistry, National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore. He has worked as Brain Korean 21 (BK21) Research Professor at the Department of Environmental Engineering and Biotechnology, Myongji University, South Korea and Co-researcher in Energy and Environmental Fusion Technology Center, Myongji University; Director (Academic Affairs), Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions, Dehradun, Uttarakhand; Assistant Professor / Reader and Head of the Department of Chemistry, Lovely Professional University, Punjab. Dr. Baskar has transited in many countries including South Korea, Singapore, USA, Japan, Canada and Malaysia. Dr. Baskar research interests include Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Conducting Polymers, Green Chemistry, Ionic Liquids, Poly(ionic) Liquids, Radiation Resistant Polymers, Biomass Conversion: Biofuels, Fine-chemicals and Biopolymers; Biofibers and Smart Textiles. He has published several research papers in reputed international journals with high citation and conference proceedings. Recently he has published a review article “Carbon Nanotubes Hybrid Nanostructures: Future Generation Conducting Materials” in Journal of Materials Chemistry A, The Royal Society of Chemistry London with the Impact Factor: 8.262. He has one Korean Patent on his credit. He was invited to attend and deliver lectures/seminars in international and national conferences & workshops, and faculty development programs. He has been a Chief Guest, Session Chairman, Advisory Committee, and Convener for many national and international conferences and workshops. He serves on the Editorial Advisory Board member and referee for many international chemistry, materials science, biotechnology and energy journals. He is a member of Research and Development Committee (RDC) for up-to-date progress of PhD Students in Chemistry at Uttarakhand Technical University, Dehradun. He was the member of the National Scientific Committee, Conference on “Empowering the Rubber and Allied Industry through Indigenization, Innovation on Technology, Materials and Processes” Organized by IRMRA and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). He has been the examiner for PhD & M. Phil thesis at various universities and institutes. He has been serving as an external member of Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of University of Petroleum and Energy Studies Dehradun. Dr. Baskar has been instrumental in designing and development of curriculum, structure, pedagogy and scheme of M. Sc. Chemistry (Regular), M. Sc. Chemistry (Honors), M. Phil Chemistry programs, and Chemistry course for UG programs (B. Tech & B. Sc. Biotechnology), Green Chemistry and Research Methodology course for M.S/PhD (Integrated) program. He has also served as member for Board of Studies for several of Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, biotechnology, hydropower engineering and renewable energy programs. He was a member of subject expert for faculty recruitments, post-doctoral fellows, PhD students and lab technicians.

Manish Prateek

Director, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun

Keynote Speakern

Dr. Manish Prateek is the Professor and Director SoCSE of the University of Petroleum and Ekecregy Studies, Dehradun, India.  of After completion of his UG and PG in Computer Engineering from Kursk State Technical University, currently known as South West State University, Russia, Dr. Manish Prateek started humbly his career in 1996 in IT Industry and gradually grew up to the level of Manager Information Technology by 2004. Meanwhile his background and interest in research drew him towards pursuing Ph. D. in the area of Manufacturing & Robotics. He switched his career from I. T. Industry to Technical Education in the year 2005. He has more than 20 Years of mixed experience in Industry, Research and Academia. He became a full Professor in 2008 at the age of 35 years and currently he is working at UPES as Professor and Director SoCSE. The specialized program under CSE is unique USP of UPES. The School of CSE was started in the year 2009 with 44 students and 5 faculty members. Today the department is offering courses to approximately 2600 student with the help of 100 faculty members under SoCSE under his able leadership. In the year 20011 the University started with 4 specialized programs which as on date have been increased to 17 specializations. This shows the rapid growth of the department with in the University and in comparison with any of the peer educational institution and his leadership skills. He has more than 50 Research papers in several International Journals and International conferences. He has guided 05 PhD scholars and currently 08 PhD scholars are working under his guidance in the area of Robotics, Automation, Image Processing, Machine Vision, Data Security, AdHoc Network etc. apart from students from UG and PG programs. For his contribution in the field of Academics and Research he was awarded with the “Distinguished Academician” a lifetime achievement award, by the Board of Directors of Pentagram Research Centre (P) Ltd. in the year 2010.


Amit Agarwal

Professor, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies,

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Amit Agarwal is Associate Professor and Head in Department of Virtualization at University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, Dehradun. • Vice President of Next Generation Computing Technology Society, Dehradun. • 18+ Years of academic, administrative and research experiences. Published more than 30 research articles in reputed international journals and conferences. • Session Chair at 7th International Conference on Cloud Computing, Data Science & Engineering, Noida (Confluence-2017). • Conference Chair at 2nd IEEE International Conference on Next Generation Computing Technologies held on 14-16 Oct, 2016 at UPES, Dehradun • Keynote Speaker at IEEE R10 MINI POCO (Panel of Conference Organizers) -2016 held at UPES, Dehradun on 11 June 2016. • Conference Chair of 1st IEEE International Conference on Next Generation Computing Technologies held on 4-5 Sept, 2015 at UPES, Dehradun. • Guest Editor of Special Issue on “Recent Trends in Information Retrieval” of Int’l Journal of Information Retrieval Research published by IGI Publishers. (Scopus Indexed) for 2016-17. • Guest Editor of Special Issue on “Recent Trends in Web Engineering and Informatics” of Int’l Journal of Information Tech. and Web Engg. Published by IGI Publishers. (Scopus Indexed) for 2016-17. • AICTE Expert member for affiliation/ inspection committee at Uttarakhand Technical University, Dehradun during 2015-16. • Session Chair in International Conference on Computing, Communication and Automation (ICCCA-2015). • Guest Editor of Special Issue on “Advances in Mobile Cloud Computing and Social Networking” of IJCNDS published by Inderscience Publishers. (Scopus Indexed) for 2016-17. • TPC member at 5th International conference on Information Technology and Multimedia (ICIMµ2011), Malaysia. • TPC member at 2015 international Summit on Bio-Metrics and Smart Government (IBMSGS-2015), Tunisia. • Keynote Speaker at Workshop on MATLAB- Series I at UPES, Dehradun. • TPC Member for International Workshop on Cloud Computing and Information Security at Shanghai, China in 9-11 November 2013. • Lead Guest Editor of Special Issue on Cloud Computing: Issues & Challenges of Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Hindawi Publication, USA during 2012-13. • Invited as Session Chair & Key Note Speaker in National Seminar (IAEAS-2011). • Awarded Microsoft Research Grant and DST Travel Grant to present paper at International Conference on Grid and Distributed Computing, Korea during 2009. • Awarded MHRD Scholarship for PhD Program at IIT Roorkee during 2007-2010 • Completed two international consultancy projects with University of Technologi Petronas (Malaysia) and King Abdul Aziz University (Saudi Arabia). Organized National Workshop on Symbolic 2D/3D Image Processing using LIPS in collaboration with NGCT Society, Dehradun at UPES, Dehradun during 16- 18 Sep, 2016. • Organized International Seminar on IEEE R10 MINI POCO (Panel of Conference Organizers) during 11 June 2016 at UPES, Dehradun. • Organized Faculty Development Programme on Cloud Infrastructure & Services in collaboration with NGCT Society and EMC Corporation at UPES, Dehradun during 16-18 May, 2016.  • Organized National Workshop on Technical Writing Using Latex in collaboration with NGCT Society, Dehradun at UPES, Dehradun during 27-28 Feb, 2016. (Sponsored by UCOST) Organized National Workshop on Data Analytics using R in collaboration with NGCT Society, Dehradun at UPES, Dehradun during 27-28 Feb, 2016. (Sponsored by UCOST)

Rajiv Sharma

Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Keynote Speaker 

Dr. Rajiv Sharma received his BE degree in Civil Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (formerly University of Roorkee, Roorkee) in 1994; MTech degree in Ocean Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, in 1999; and PhD in the area of Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing at the Design Laboratory, Department of Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India. Currently, he is working as Visiting Assistant Professor at the Department of Ocean Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, India. Prior to his present position, he was associated with Advanced Institutes of Convergence Technology, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea for his post doctoral research, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA and Yokohama National University, Japan on visiting scholarships. Presently, he is the Associate Editor of the flagship journal of the Korean CAD/CAM society entitled “International Journal of CAD/CAM (IJCC)”. With his collaborators, Dr. Sharma has developed a solver for non-linear polynomial systems of equations and inequalities; a software system to design fair surfaces over irregular domains using data dependent triangulations; efficient design methods and their respective software system to design bulbous bows and bow thrusters for ships; an information model (i.e. Enterprise resources model) for medium scale shipyards for manufacturing simulation and management; a dynamic data driven forecasting system for shipping and shipbuilding markets; and a distributed computing based simulation model for container terminal operational management. Recently, he has initiated a research work that deals with building expertise in the area of deep water drilling solutions. Since, the fossil fuel exploration and production are being forced to move into extremely deep waters, his research would help in developing cutting edge optimal solutions for the deep water floating structures. His research outcomes are valuable to shipping, shipbuilding, offshore and software industries. His research interests are computer aided geometric design, computational geometry, visualization, and their applications in design and manufacturing; dynamic data driven forecasting systems; and participatory/democratic economy.



M. V. Ramanujam

Strategic Advisor and President of Clevergene Biocorp Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, India

Keynote Speaker

M. V. Ramanujam (Ram) is currently Strategic Advisor and President of Clevergene Biocorp Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, India. Ram has 25 years of experience and a seasoned biotech professional. He is a functional biologist having worked on Enzymology, Protein Chemistry, Microbial physiology, Nucleic acid enzymology and Genomics. Ram also has worked on Biologics, RNA Biology, and Genome informatics. Ram completed his M.Sc. from Bharathiar Univ., and M. S. Molecular Biology from New Mexico State University and also attended University of Kansas USA. Ram has work experience from global leaders spanning four countries US, FRG, Japan and India. Ram discovered a procaryotic TGase from B subtilis cells and is widely cited for this work in late 80s. His name is listed in Icons websters sporulating time line history 2007. Ram also invented a technique for Rz diagnostics, in which he used FRET to monitor Rz reactions in real time. He also is a RNA specialist worked on Rz kinetics. Ram worked in 90s with Regeneron USA and Biocon India. He also spent time at University of Kiel FRG and NAIR Univ of Tsukuba Japan. He was a first generation Bioinformatician at DSQ and Satyam India and later continued as an intrapreneur at many start ups including V Clin Bio labs India and currently a stakeholder, and Strategic advisor in Clevergene Pvt Ltd. India. Ram was guided by Dr James H Hageman and Dr Glenn D Kuehn of NMSU USA who hail from Dr Daniel Atkinsons lab in UCLA and mentored by Dr Paul D Boyer. Ram's Nucleic acids Enzymology advisor Dr Peter A Gegenheimer comes from worlds leading labs Dr Sid Altman and Dr David Apirion and John Abelson. Ram's Genomics mentor  and advisor is Dr Andras J Pellionisz a triple doctorate, in Genomics, Biology and Computers science from USA and informatics coach is Dr E G Rajan PhD., is a World leader in Signal Processing and Image Processing. Ram is currently also commercializing his discoveries like Transglutaminase from Bacillus subtilis cells, for various Food and Industrial applications. Ram is also looking at Commercial ventures involving Genomics and Genome Informatics, concentrating on Fractal Genomics and Cancer Genomics with Internationally Renowned Figure DR Andras J Pellionisz, his collaborator from silicon Valley USA. Ram has current responsibilities as a global business development, Strategic planning and development, organizational development,  Techno commercial activities, and fund raising activities. Clevergene is poised to become a world leader in Novel Genomics and Genome Analytics Technologies, and Ram is currently deeply involved in its development into a global leader. Ram has taught and lectures in various Universities including NMSU USA, KU USA, and offered Genomics lectures as Visiting faculty in many Universities and Private Colleges in India. Ram is a committed individual, with perfect combination of Biology and IT having worked in Various types of organizations like Product and service sectors, and blessed with the skill eye for the detail and exceptional in  timely executions of Projects and succinct performance. He organized 2012 ICSCI conference life sciences track as a convener, And ICETT 2012 Life sciences conference in India and now is the Chief Coordinator & convener for the Genomics, Genome Analytics and Precision Medicine track of the ICSCI conference being held in Hyderabad by 2017 January 5-8. 

E. G. Rajan

Pentagram Research Centre

Keynote Speaker

Prof. Dr. E. G. Rajan is the Founder President of the Pentagram Research Centre (P) Ltd., Hyderabad, India. He is an Electronics Engineer and a Professor of Signal Processing having about 42 years of experience in teaching, research and administration. He has a number of publications to his credit. He has been a professional member of ACM and an editor of the journal of AMSE, Royal Academy of Doctors, Barcelona, Spain. He received his Ph.D degree in Electrical Engineering, (Signal and Image Processing), from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur, U.P., M.E. degree in  Applied Electronics, from Madras University, the then famous DMIT in Electronics Engineering from the Madras Institute of Technology, Chromepet, Madras and B.Sc degree in Physics from Madras University. His contribution to the state-of-the-art of Electronic Warfare and Support Measures has been well recognized in the Government and industrial sectors. He was a noted teacher in the department of Electrical Engineering of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. He received Distinguished Scientist and Man of the Millennium Award from Who is Who Bibliographical Records, Cambridge, 2000. He authored many books like, Symbolic Computing – Signal and Image Processing, Electronic Order of Battle Records of Military Radars, Computers and Information Technology and Foundations of Information Technology. He is the father of a novel paradigm Symbolic Computing In the Framework of Markov’s Constructive Mathematical Logic. His contribution to Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Modeling and Simulation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Could be seen in his research publications. Two of his sixty five Ph.D scholars were involved in the design of digital circuits using organic molecules and some of them are working in the area of Big Data Analytics pertaining to Genome Data Base,  Biometrics Data Base, Medical Data Bases like MRI and CT Scan imageries of Breast Cancer, Geospatial Data Bases like Multispectral Satellite imageries and Subsurface Three Dimensional Radargrams obtained using Ground Penetrating Radars. He has brought out more than 25 original patentable concepts. One such concept is Codon Space, which advocates the theory of Life Forms as Subspaces of the Information Space called Codon Space. Another concept is a Mathematical Transform, which goes by his name as Rajan Transform. On November 15, 2015, he was awarded the prestigious Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Gold Medal for his life time achievement in Teaching, Research, Industrial Development and Corporate Social Responsibility.


Gunasekar Krishnamoorthy

Tata Consultancy Services

London, United Kingdom

Invited Speaker

Mr. Gunasekar Krishnamoorthy is Assistant Consultant TATA Consultancy Services Ltd, London, United Kingdom. He holds B.E (Bachelor of Engineering) – Computer Science and Engineering, M.E (Master of Engineering) – Computer Science and Engineering and M.B.A (Master of Business Administration) – International Business Management. He was involved in Telecom Research for last 9 years and recognized as a ‘Distinguished Scientist’ by Pentagram Research Centre private ltd for my outstanding contribution towards scientific community and short term achievement in professional research and development and also recognized by Tsunami Society International & European Commission – Joint Research Centre. He has proposed an evacuation model with an innovation of device called tsunami bracelet which will help the common public who are residing near coastal region and also fisherman in ocean and help them to evacuate to a safer zone of their own without any help/assistance from any government or non-governmental authorities. This research was carried out considering the common public and to assist them incase of threat/warnings during tsunami. This will safeguard the life of general public, fisherman and other causalities. He has also presented different research topics in the areas of VoIP, convergent technologies, Fingerprint authentication, communication technology etc in different International, national conferences and International Journals. He has been called for Guest lecture on his research areas under different educational institutions in India wherein I promote my research skills and motivate the engineering students to equip with technical skills and cater their focus towards research and development. Some of his research works (i) Presented my Research paper entitled ‘Global Tsunami Alert Bracelet/Device’ in International Tsunami conference held at Milan, Italy in September 2016 jointly organized by International Tsunami Society, Honololu USA and Europe Commission - Joint Research Centre (JRC), ISPRA, Italy, (ii) Research work in the area of ‘The Digital’ & ‘Internet of Things - iOT’ and proposed a working model of Handheld device called ‘Border Alert Bracelet’ and PoV submitted to TATA IP Asset team, (iii) Received “Distinguished Scientist” Award (International Award) from Pentagram Research Centre Pvt. Ltd in recognition of outstanding contribution to the scientific community and short time achievement in Professional Research & Development 2012, (iv) Presented Papers in 11 International Conferences, 2 Global Conferences and 2 National Conferences in last 6 years, (v) Actively participated, contributed and presented papers and received Best paper awards for the Research work in various International & Global Conferences and Journals, (vi) Currently working in Tsunami Alert System and presented 4 Research Papers in International and Global Conferences and International Journals, (vii) Research Paper “Effective Communication Model for Global Tsunami” has been selected for Presentation and publication in International Conference of ICSCI – 2012, organized by Pentagram Research Private Ltd, Hyderabad and received Best paper Award, (viii) Presented 6 Research papers from the area of “Voice over IP” in various International and Global Conferences and (ix)  Presented a Research work of “Bandwidth Consumption and better Quality of Service in VoIP” in IEEE sponsored conference in 2010, Hyderabad

Surendra Reddy

Clinnovo Research Labs,

Invited Speaker

Dr. Surendra Natha Reddy C  graduated in agricultural sciences, with two years of IT developmental experience moved to Great Britain for his Masters in Artificial intelligence & Bioinformatics in University of Abertay Dundee, Scotland, UK. Interned in the team of client server application design for cryopreservation, COBRA project. Started career in Biomedical research Center, University of Dundee, UK as a scientific database developer and bioinformatician. Later proceeded to work in cancer Research UK. Grateful for the amazing group of friends and neighbors where ever he is. Passionate about the entrepreneurship, cricket and human relations. Was a big  time core all rounder in Kingsway Cricket club of Scotland, Windsor club of London. Remained in the university for his further studies in business administration. First step of entrepreneurial passion he started business of exports and imports. As a next step in 2005 in London with a close companion partnership started informatics business., Inferencesystems in London targeting pharma and scientific clientele. Started offering services in histopathology, ejournals, software development with more focus in core lab medical imaging and teleradiology services. Have established great number of client relations with all top Pharma companies, universities of UK, India and USA. Executed and implemented Dot coms, web, software and mobile app development for central government and state government of India. Started online doctor services in 2008 serving across the globe with 2 million queries answered.Portal been expanded to all verticals i.e With the encouragement of partner and friends established training division in clinical research and data management education offline and online as a part of Clinnovo Research Labs. Company has trained more than 2000 people globally and placed around 750 trainees in CRO's, Pharma and IT companies. Going on with great energy in achieving.